You're texting, you're driving, you're…. ooops

You’re texting, you’re driving, you’re…. ooops

Texting and Driving PSA

How are you talking to your high schooler about the dangers of texting and driving?Many of you have asked us to post this PSA with you via social media as more teens are hitting the road with the start of the school year. Feel free to use this powerful message to get a conversation started.

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Effective today, July 1st, the amended MOVE OVER ACT adds utility service vehicles and sanitation vehicles to the list of public safety vehicles motorists must already slow down or move over for to protect personnel.

Under the new law, motorists are required to:

Approach law enforcement patrol cars, emergency vehicles, utility service vehicles, sanitation vehicles, and tow trucks/wreckers with caution.

Change lanes away from these vehicles if traveling on a multi-lane roadway and able to move over safely; or
Slow down to a speed that is 20 mph less than the posted speed limit, when a clearly identified emergency or work-crew vehicle is parked and crews are working.

Violating the Move Over Act can result in a fine and points on your license.

Pictured in the photo are:
Emanuel Rivers, Solid Waste Supervisor / 12 years of dedicated service
Brandon Hedge, 1st Class Lineman / 7 years of dedicated service
Heath Seeber, Fire Lieutenant / 12 years of dedicated service
Carlos Cortez, Police Officer / 8 years of dedicated service

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles offers more information on the law online at

@[1431094137134586:274:Alert Today Florida] @[135878163249532:274:My Lakeland Electric] @[65748775158:274:LakelandPD] @[612234288843898:274:Lakeland Fire Department] @[193380650847374:274:Florida Police Officers and Sheriff Deputies] @[150162731673106:274:City of Lakeland Public Works] @[108089009211299:274:Florida Highway Patrol] — with Brandon Hedge and Ismael Molina.

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Rockstar of the Month is @[100001343032811:2048:Robin Kelso Murray]. Robin Murray is the Executive Administrative Assistant for Florida Court Ordered and Florida Comedy Traffic School. She has spend many hours creating our procedures, organizational structure and doing the research needed to expand FCO and its affiliates into a Company that we can be proud to be apart of . We want to recognize all Robin’s hard work and introduce the powerhouse behind the scene. Thank you Robin Murray for your dedication and knowledge that you bring to FCO and FCTS.

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